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International Fashion Week Amsterdam


neno mmx

By Nii Jeffrey Hammond


Originally trained as a Construction Managèr at Westminster University in London. The creativity side of him landed him in Sales & Marketing arena as a Consultant to a number of prominent publishing houses in the U.K. BBC MOBO Awards, are some of the projects worked on.
Around 14 years ago Nii co-founded a mens fashion brand Jeffrey & Omega. He later moved on to start his own line NENO MMX in 2010. He works this part time whilst running full time a branding, promotional and corporate giveaway company.

My inspiration has always come from the desire to blend African and European design. Blending cultures is something that gives me great satisfaction hence the tag line Cosmo African. I believe African print design fabrics have a lot to offer the fashion world and it's my desire to do my part in bringing AFRICAN PRINT inspired designs to the main stream.

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