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International Fashion Week Amsterdam

Hassan Alfaziz Iddrisu

Hassan Alfaziz Iddrisu


Hassan Alfaziz Iddrisu was born in Prestea a town in the western part of Ghana, raised in Kumasi and moved to Accra to study business management in Central University. He turned to his first love of fashion in 2013 by reconstructing vintage jeans and t-shirts into new pieces. His personal looks caught on and Hazza’s first two seasons developed this upcycling approach but by 2015 he’d graduated into original designs for his show at Ghana Fashion Week. Since then he’s developed his own hand dyed fabrics and signature structured silhouettes for men and women and now looks forward to reaching a wider audience.

Our SS19/Fall 2019 themed “Afrafradom” was inspired by the flags and the people of his Mum, the Fante Warriors called the “Asafo” hailing from the Coastal Region Of Ghana. The word derived from “Sa” meaning War and “Fo” meaning People. They are the traditional warrior groups in Akan culture and their traditional role was defense of the State. Aside their military function, the Asafo companies are also connected to some of the most interesting and vibrant art forms of the region.The Asafo flags are the insignia created for the military companies of the Fantes. They embody a company spirit and they are the most important and dynamic visual display of Asafo pride and power. Asafo flags convey powerful narratives of pride, historical events, visualize proverbial wisdom and send defiant messages to enemies.

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