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International Fashion Week Amsterdam



Rafael Dorian


Following studies in Model Making and training in high stitching, the brand “Rafael Dorian” was born.

His passion for art has always been ubiquitous, deep in his soul.

Over the years, he has become more popular, the art of pencil, drawing, silhouette, scissors, cutting to finish with pure creation.

At first, he only created ¬†evening gowns and cocktail dresses, but after a homecoming, and a first participation in the event “Caftan” in Morocco, Rafael Dorian became more and more specialized in the caftan and in traditional outfits.

Of Arab and Andalusian origins, Rafael craves for gold, lace, the richness of certain colors, the sobriety and elegance of others.

“I am inspired by the time, the times to create and renew.

Using pure materials like silk, lace, velvet, I associate them with different other materials according to my inspirations.

I like the caftan, the heritage of the art of Moroccan embroidery.

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