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International Fashion Week Amsterdam



By Marcquise “Q” Anderson


Marcquise “Q” Anderson, Designer and Founder of UNDERRATED CO from Pasadena, California.
Marcquise has been in the fashion industry for 5+ years and has had his company for 2 years.
UNDERRATED CO came about by being underestimated, undervalued, minimized in life, and being
told you aren’t good enough. Instead of harboring on those negative thoughts, Marquise used it to
fuel himself to prove all those people wrong. By doing so he created not just a brand, but a
LIFESTYLE. A Lifestyle to create platforms and opportunities for those who have gone through the
same challenges in life.
The fusion of cultural trends and mainstays is a harmonious blend to turn heads and hearts. The
concept and overall vision of this lifestyle brand is to bring unity amongst all cultures, ages and
races while bringing custom, one of one pieces to the fashion scene. When you have that custom
piece from UNDERRATED CO, you are the only one with it. Marquises' favorite part of being a
fashion designer is the endless creativity as he defines fashion as “everyday self- expression”.

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