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International Fashion Week Amsterdam


omar munie

Omar Munie


Omar Munie (1986) is a young and talented Dutch designer. Thanks to his creativity and perseverance, he has become a well-known designer in the Dutch fashion industry. More and more people consider his bags to be the perfect combination of functionality and design.

From a refugee with a dream, to successful designer.
Due to the civil war in his native country Somalia, Omar fled to the Netherlands at the age of nine, with his siblings. His aim was to start a new life and focus on the future. Omar’s mother wanted him to become an accountant, but at a young age Omar realized that he would rather work as a craftsman and fulfil his passion for creativity.
He went to fashion school and worked hard to develop his talents. Shortly after, he made his first handbags, which he instantly sold to the girls in his class. As a result, he founded his own company, Omar Munie Clothing, while he was still at college.


A year after founding his company, Omar won the prestigious ‘Best Student of the Year’ award, which gave him the opportunity to start his own atelier in The Hague. Many more awards followed, including ‘Best Entrepreneur Under the Age of 25’, ‘Most Innovative Entrepreneur 2011’ and a lifetime achievement award in 2013 for a sustainable design bag manufactured from recycled KLM uniforms.

Ready to wear collection
Daily life can be a beautiful source of inspiration. When designing this collection Omar Munie wanted to build a bridge between exquisite design and Dutch legacy.

Throughout the years windmills have played an important role in the history of The Netherlands. Functional in delivering energy, they are also wonderful structures to look at. This is one of the reasons why Omar chose the windmill as a symbol to tie our collection together.

Winter colors as forest green, siyah black and cinnamon brown are accompanied by a touch of orange. Because orange makes everything ten times better and it’s also the national color.

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