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International Fashion Week Amsterdam



By Monica Jones


NanaLola Couture is a couture fashion line that mixes classic style with modern ideals. Although the style for NanaLola is very classic and timeless it is also sassy and able to be worn by EVERYONE.  Nanalola has had people of all walks of life (Women, Children, Men, Straight, Gay, Thin, Thick and Trans) strut their stuff on the runway- while looking absolutely fabulous.

Today’s women face many challenges in an uncertain world and Monica Jones of NanaLola Couture has made it her mission to remove some of there everyday stress. There is so much pressure on women and also men to look like what they see on the tv and social media. From photo filters and editing to surgery people across the globe suffer with there own self image.
Monica is hoping to change that by not only making custom fit outfits which cater to her clients needs and wants, she has made it a point to include everyone in her brand presentation both in print and on the runway. She is showing fashion houses  and the world alike that despite your
height, weight, size, shape or race we are all individual and beautiful in our own right.

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