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International Fashion Week Amsterdam



By Olina Francová & Jitka Arazimova


Olina Francová and Jitka Arazimova, a sculptor and a graphic artist, have been friends since they’ve studied at the Secondary Arts School. Coincidentally, they met seven years ago and joined forces under a new brand, Multibags, to design and sew handmade leather handbags. Creating design in moments when majority of creators say that nothing new can be done completely
enchanted them. Nowadays, their work can be easily recognizable even by those who do not care about fashion. Exploring the design possibilities of objects that were created to carry things has brought up the issue of multi-functionality as well as creations for the physically challenged.

In a special nonprofit project the designers created bags, handbags and backpacks especially for individuals with various types of physical disabilities according to their needs. Their latest nonprofit project focuses on the design of ‘bare head’ hats for women after chemotherapy. It’s also the answer to the question how one of the designers copes with suffering from a bad illness. The
common credo of both authors is that good design enriches life and connects people who share the same sentiment. „We confess to sustainable "slow fashion" that for us means rational approach, high quality raw materials and local production – we create handbags that last long, that are multifunctional and we sew ourselves.“ Fashion can be fun for all, from its creators to the people who wear them to ordinary observers. And it doesn’t matter whether you are twenty or a hundred! You can see them regularly at the Czech Design Week. Also they have participated at the Oxford
Studio during the London Fashion Week 2016 and their collection Multibags Rebels won a Silver Award at the A'Design Award 2018.

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