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International Fashion Week Amsterdam


michael lombard

Michael Lombard


International celebrity fashion designer Michael Lombard started as a record label executive and quickly realized his passion for designing and creating something unique in the fashion industry.
Dubbed “The King of Leather” by Huffington Post, Michael Lombard’s Collection has been worn by professional athletes to music stars around the world. Michael Lombard is the first fashion designer sponsored by Monster Energy Drink around the world on his fashion tour. Michael Lombard signed
with Archive and Showroom which is the style fashion house to Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez and many more. Using the highest grade leather, his designs have graced the runways worldwide from NYFW, LAFW, London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Amsterdam Fashion Week, Budapest and many more. Michael was the first designer ever to host BBC World live at London Fashion Week House of iKons Show.

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