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International Fashion Week Amsterdam


kenneth tetteh

Kenneth Tetteh


Kenneth Tetteh is the creative brain behind T.KEN Collections. As a young man his passion for designing was undeniable, from dressing up his parents to critiquing his entire families outfit before the stepped out. Kenneth started making clothes at the age of 25 and hasn’t stopped since. Kenneth’s aesthetic is a perfect marriage of his African culture and the sartorial brilliance of the
west. When not doing what he loves to do which is to design he loves to watch football or cooking, 2 other deep passions aside designing. A perfect Friday for him would be inviting his friends over to play FIFA on his Playstation whilst he cooks for them.

Kenneth is moved by the evolution; starting small and growing into something grand. This collection is inspired by the designers own design evolution. The designer for this collection is going back to when he started designing, how his aesthetic has changed since. His choices of fabrics are a good blend of Ankara (African Print), linens and polished cotton. A perfect Marriage of his African culture and Western influences will be showcased, whilst focusing on the woman that he will be dressing. Making sure that the woman is empowered once she puts on the clothes is paramount to Kenneth.

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