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International Fashion Week Amsterdam



By Fawad Noori & Beenish Shah


Our brand philosophy stems from the core of all life, heritage and colors. We draw inspiration from the world and strive to create pieces of wearable art. We select the best materials and mix them with creativity and craft quality clothing that connects you to the soul of fashion.

In 2004 Beenish Shah completed her Graduation in Fashion Design from the Pakistan School of Fashion Design now PIFD Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design  affiliated with La Chambre de Sayndicale, Paris, France. She interned with Karma, Nayna and Details. In 2009, Beenish launched her own label, Just B.
She draws inspiration from nature in all its glory. Shapes, colors, textures all brought together to create a unifying oneness of love and compassion.  Just B draws from the positive energy of the universe and aims to transfer that energy into the creative process. Just B stands for quality, originality, beauty, and bounty. Be bold, be beautiful, be yourself, Just B.
In 2018 Just B joined hands with International fashion professional Muhammad Fawad Noori. He has worked globally as a fashion designer, stylist, Fashion Choreographer, Fashion Educator, Presenter and Researcher. He  attended and graduated from PIFD in 2004. Beenish and Fawad are
from the same batch of PIFD. After graduating Fawad pursued further education and has several certifications as well as  many international achievements (

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