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International Fashion Week Amsterdam



By Joshua Bartfeld Birchjones


UK Fashion Designer, Joshua Bartfeld Birchjones, is currently a school pupil in Kent. His hobbies are fashion design, art & English. He loves shutting himself away and creating something magical, whether it be a new design or painting on a canvas. He finds it a great escapism where he can just
get absorbed in creating something new. Ever since he was old enough to hold a pencil and doodle, Joshua always drew women’s clothes, his inspiration came from his mothers’ wardrobe and from all her gorgeous dresses.
Over the years he has drawn and designed women’s clothes, especially very glamorous ones. He has sketch pads filled to the brim with designs.Whilst doing that, looking at women’s fashion and listening to what his mum was always moaning about, he stumbled across a gap in the marketplace, this is where his day-to-night capsule collection was created. His ultimate passion is
evening wear and couture gowns and his second collection ‘sweet dreams’ was designed and showcased in September 2018. He is now working on his third and ultimate collection ‘moonlight’ Which is to be shown exclusively in September this year.


Ever since I got into fashion properly Ralph and Russo has always inspired me. I’d even go as far as to say that they are one of the main reasons why I started in fashion, mainly because of the jaw- dropping, show stopping, absolutely glamorous gowns that Ralph and Russo have created. I would say that I bring all of those things to the table when i’m creating a garment.
Every time I go to design/create a garment I always have Ralph and Russo in mind. i love their use of all the beading work which goes into every one of their collections. i also love their bold but yet subtle collor schemes and their use of drama which goes into each and every one their pieces, all of these factors i like to incorporate into my designs.

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