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daniele bardis

Daniele Bardis


I was born in Bari, principle town of a beautiful region called Puglia in the south of Italy. When I was young I fell in love with fashion and I dreamt one day I would be a fashion designer. Just a few years later I began to design garments for friends and family. At the age of 21 I got a job with a local fashion company as a fashion designer. In 1999 I moved to Rome where I lived for several years and where I opened my first studio; during this time I designed bespoke occasion-wear for women and I started to sell my creations to local boutiques.
Seeking pastures new in 2007 I moved to London, aware it would be the place for me to live and achieve my dream of launching my brand. I fell in love with the city and its array of different architecture from its gothic and historical palaces to its ultra-modern towers. This has all helped to mold and shape my identity as an independent “fashion designer.” Having been born and bred in a sunny city by the sea, I began drawing my ideas from that inspirational environment surrounding me, during that time I started to design my Daniele Bardis womenswear collection. My very first inspiration and today key for my design, was the seashell with its microarchitecture as well as being a historical symbol of beauty. I took that marvellous creature from nature and incorporated that intricate shape into my garments.
My research lead me to explore new sources related to the shell embracing architecture and geometry. The architect Zaha Hadid, with her modern and dynamic architecture inspired me to add geometrical shapes into my design.
After travelling and researching around the world it became clear to me that using this embodiment of architecture would become the influence of my design. I would describe my design as super modem and dynamic, the style is the evolution of my great love of architecture which has accompanied my design since inception, together with the influences of my Italian heritage and the melting pot and style of London where I now reside and my studio is based.
This bold combination of lineation and impeccable structure has drawn the attention of several editors, celebrities and buyers. I am proud to say Daniele Bardis collections have been worn by
international recording artists like Cheryl Tweedy (ex Girls Aloud/XFactor UK) Nicole Scherzinger (ex Pussycat Dolls/XFactor UK) and Morcheeba.
The philosophy of the brand at all times is to achieve a perfect balance between creativity, style and innovation, while at the same time ensuring quality is never compromised.
I pay special attention when I design fashionable yet commercial prints, choosing only the highest quality silks, wools, cotton, jersey and leathers. In line with the brand’s signature of excellent quality only the best zips and garment accessories are used to embellish the pieces.
The excellent quality and attentive customer service which the brand will offer is a competitive advantage over similar luxury brands and how it attempts to separate itself from other designers.

Daniele Bardis’s design, style, shapes, prints and structure are distinguishably honed in a way that makes my designs both unique and recognisable. My new range of handbags for women is influenced in the same way and I aim to expand this to hand bags and shoes and further ahead in home interiors.

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