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ana de sa

Ana De Sa


Ana De Sá’s passion for fashion design was born after her first encounter with a Fashion Ilustration. The fascination of being able to create a garment/clothing piece ready to be worn would become the catalyst to pursue a career in fashion as a fashion designer. Her education begins at Magestil school (Portugal), with a course in Fashion, where she learns the
building blocks of cutting pattern and sewing. Her studies would only be completed in London at the University of West London adding to her education, modelling on the stand, emergent cut techniques, fabric impression/print as well as the study of several fabrics and its functionalities for different clothing pieces.

Shortly after, the brand Ana de Sá Fashion designer is born with a modern style and cut with a strong influence from Haute Couture and African culture from where she was born. The Label Offers services such as;
Concept of collections for other Fashion Label’s
Custom Made Image Consulting. Despite having her Atelier in London (UK), Ana de Sá operates almost exclusively in her homeland, Portugal, where the presents and commercialises her collections and pieces.
Ana’s debut in Portugal occurs in 2014 during FILL’s ‘LXD Moda camp; Design with the ‘Kilumba Collection’ S/S15 collection inspired by the Japanese Samurais and the Mumuilas, women from a southern tribe in Angola. The positive experience leads to the presentation of a new collection,
Escape F/W16, with sophisticated and versatile items inspired by the busy woman that moves between the workplace and the world or glamorous evening gowns and ensembles.

As the brand grows, Ana De Sá’s creations will continue to be guided by excellence, exclusivity and devotion/commitment to its creations from its concept on paper to its delivery to the customer.

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