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International Fashion Week Amsterdam

Allessandria Coppola

Allessandria Coppola


Born in England Allessandria coppola has a bachelor’s degree in fashion design, and now specialises and has her own brand of bespoke bridal gowns.

From a young age, she sought to understand the world through clothes and over the years her once secretive hobby has blossomed into a profession.

Having studied in Milano and who now resides in Amsterdam, Allessandria fully embraces the creative process of design with her bride, and this can be seen in her collection.

Working closely with her bride she develops a close relationship that becomes a really nice creative process for both of them. Her inspiration is her own bride. Capturing the brides personality and giving them the confidence they deserve on their big day. With an eye for finishing and details Allessandria creates bespoke wedding dresses.

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