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International Fashion Week Amsterdam



Amsterdam, Netherlands

We are team Oaktree.

We are an independent fashion label that started with nothing but some unconventional ideas and some really poor drawings. For our jackets we use high end materials that we acquire from all over the world. For our jackets, we use Egyptian cotton, premium silk from the Northern part of China, buttons made from buffalo horns and clasps made from sterling silver. These are just a few examples of the materials we work with. By doing what we love and by using these materials we are the best at what we do. We Create Jackets.We used our international contacts and our clever minds to delve into the world of fashion. Not by going to fashion school or anything of that sort but by actually starting from scratch and producing designs immediately. This way we learned by doing. Nowadays, we do not solely focus on the creation of jackets but we’ve expanded our product range to become a global fashion brand, located in one of Europe’s fashion capitals, Amsterdam. Our product range is expanding and so is our team. Do you like our stuff? And are you committed and willing to work in a chaotic but imaginative, creative company? Oaktree is always hiring. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will reply within 23 hours.

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