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International Fashion Week Amsterdam

Francesco Nadalini

Francesco Nadalini


Francesco Nadalini is an Italian designer with outstanding credentials in both academia and business acumen. Having had a career of over 15 years in the fashion and textile industry, Francesco has partnered and worked with many people. From working in Tokyo with Christopher Walter to helping Nichol Fahri develop their couture line in London and designing 13 complete body fits for the John Lewis brand, which later got chosen by Vogue and featured in their magazine.


Francesco Nadalini’s success did not only invite fame and fortune but also no small amount of notoriety and hate. After a physical attack last year and having his life threatened, Francesco has decided to move to Amsterdam and start a new venture. Unfortunately Italy still discriminates against being gay and dislikes his heavy involvement in different companies and countries.


While sitting in his car in front of his house, 3 men came wearing black hoods over their faces and tried to break his neck. He was quickly taken to the hospital where he spent a week in intensive care. Being released from the hospital, Francesco flew straight to Amsterdam where he was hosted by his two best friends, Jan and Dexter, the two most important people in his life.


Amsterdam is a place where Francesco is able to be himself without the fear of being attacked for simple being himself and successful. Francesco and his brother decided to start a new brand here, with the main focus on cancer prevention features. The brand started because his mother got cancer from carrying her phone in her bra frequently. The development of tech cosmetics will help the fight against the most prevalent cancers so no one else has to go through unnecessary pain like she did.

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