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International Fashion Week Amsterdam

Beau Bijl

Beau Bijl (13eau)


Convinced from a very early age Beau decided that fashion design was her calling. After her study, she followed her passion to London and was inspired by the urban style of the city. Upon graduation, she founded 13EAU.

13EAU epitomizes bold, advanced contemporary fashion with a feminine edge, it offers a mix-and-match of timeless, modern and tailored pieces often with something unexpected.

The 13EAU philosophy centers around Beau’s eye for impeccable detail, use of luxurious, cutting-edge fabrics and precise tailoring which have made it a cult favorite across the globe. The collection has a retro feel but is undeniably fresh with garments that fit, flatter and flaunt.

Beau believes in great design that is transforming, striving to inspire her customers to be better, more confident versions of themselves, allowing them to live creatively and richly while dressing responsibly, but without compromising their unique style, love of colour, and high standards for tailored fit and luxury fabric. 13EAU is produced at an ethical, women-owned and operated factory in Portugal.

‘Our woman is simultaneously spontaneous and smart, upright and feminine, stylish and cheeky, urban and genuine, natural and sensual,’

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