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International Fashion Week Amsterdam

Ivana de Haan

Ivana de Haan


Ivana de Haan was born in a small village in Serbia, (formerly known asYugoslavia) and came to Holland at the age of five.Ivana started her first job when she was eighteen and at the age of twenty-five she went back to school again,graduatingwith a bachelor’s degree. At the same time,Ivanastarted her first business with two other businesspartners,a recruitment agency for technical staff. The company was active in the oil and gasindustry, mechanical maintenance, shipbuilding, onand offshore, and construction, all over Holland, and occasionally abroad. 18 months later the second company was born. A factory that made spare parts for the foodindustry for a foreign company based in Poland, which had itsown workshop, production machines and employees. The business was a great success butIn 2004 Ivana discovered that she had been let down by untrustworthy people, and the damage they had caused.  It took her five years to solve the financial problems and then took it from from zero to more than one million turnover in less than one year. This created the financial freedom for her to leave with dignity in 2009.

Ivana started all over again on her own with a similar business to her first one, (recruitment) and again built up a solid and successful company in a downturned economy. Despite her success, Ivana wanted more out of life. In 2015she decided to do something completely different: Making her own high-end handbags, IVANA,designing the model, finding a manufacturer and putting them on the market,all within six months. She launched her collection for the first time in December 2016 at the LXRY fair in Amsterdam and was asked to show her collection at Top Marques in Monaco. Ivana  designed a customized handbag with matching ties for the Royal Familie of Monaco and in May 2017 showed her collection at the The Fashion Week in Monte Carlo. Thanks to Global Woman Club her collection has also been shown in London and Dubai, where she was also a panel speaker on stage and Ivana has been on the front cover of Global Woman magazine.Ivana also organized her own event called ‘Women’s Platform’ by Ivana.

Her brand, IVANA, has been in several national magazines, newspapers and on national TV in Holland. Several international celebrities already have an IVANA. Ivana is most proud of the fact that  she had the opportunity to create an IVANA Bag and ties for the Royal family of  Monaco, His Royal Highness Prince Albert II and his wife princess Charlene.

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